Reverse Your Diabetes

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Matt Traverso-Diabetes is characterized by long duration

Chronic diabetes - For diabetes is characterized by long duration. Therefore, complications develop imperceptibly, subtly, for a long time without being reflected in the general condition of the patient.

Chronic effects - is the result of uncontrolled disease course.
Blood glucose meter - What organ systems are affected? The central nervous system with violation of glucose leads to damage to the nerves, so implications of the process are as follows:Health Blogs 2014

•    Weakness of the upper and lower extremities;

•    Reducing the sensitivity of the hands and feet, pain;

•    Paralysis.

Blood - Leukocytes under the influence of high glucose levels cease to function properly. Result:

•    Significant reduction in immunity;

•    Susceptibility to various infections.
Kidney - Due to the toxic effects of glucose kidney vessels become brittle or lose their elasticity, compacted. As a result:

•    Develop chronic renal failure;

•    Hypertension appears.
Usually, these are the consequences of type 2 diabetes.
Eyes - Glucose and suffer from retinal vessels. Causes such diseases as:

•    Retinopathy and retinal detachment;

•    Cataracts;

•    Decrease in visual acuity.
Circulatory system - It has been said that high blood sugar leads to narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels, reduce their size.
Author of Reverse Your Diabetes Matt Traverso
Blood flow to various organs, and with it oxygen and nutrients, is violated. Possible complications associated with the failure of the heart, brain (heart attacks, strokes, etc.).