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Some Basic Knowledge About Diabetes - Matt Traverso

Diabetes is a disease in which the body cannot produce or cannot (sufficiently of degree) to around a lazedinsula’s of - the hormone that is necessary for the conversion of sugar, starch and other Ha of energy to every day of body. The reasons of minutes of diabetes continues to be clarified on although medics of the already certain of in a theorization of genetic before in rates, as well as of those related to factors of envy of the environment. On weight and sedentary lifestyle without are certainly among them. Get More Details

Diabetes mellitus is an endocrine disease which is characterized by chronically on exceeding of the level of sugar in the blood as a result of absolute or relative deficiency of insulin - Hurrah of a of minutes gland. Matt Traverso tell in his eBook Reverse Your Diabetes Today that, when a person eats, the pancreas produces insulin corresponding amount by which the sugar into the blood to be delivered to the production of energy by the cells.

In diabetics, however, the pancreas produces in less than a necessary (or not made) insulin, or the cells do not respond adequately to the produced insulin, glucose of trove blood and excreted through the urinary of minutes, i.e. the body loses its main source of energy. Diabetes leads to a violations was to exchange all kinds of substances in the objection of the blood vessels, nerve of the system and of other organ systems. In this due to risk factors in avatar of the disease are of the example high blood of the bed and higher cholesterol.

Combined with a theorization of diabetes they have become important to the health hazard - statistics by saying that about 65% of diabetics die precisely as a result of heart disease. Therefore, control the level of blood of the sugar, blood on bed and cholesterol are mainly on offer for a Malian of risk.

Matt Traverso-Diabetes is characterized by long duration

Chronic diabetes - For diabetes is characterized by long duration. Therefore, complications develop imperceptibly, subtly, for a long time without being reflected in the general condition of the patient.

Chronic effects - is the result of uncontrolled disease course.
Blood glucose meter - What organ systems are affected? The central nervous system with violation of glucose leads to damage to the nerves, so implications of the process are as follows:Health Blogs 2014

•    Weakness of the upper and lower extremities;

•    Reducing the sensitivity of the hands and feet, pain;

•    Paralysis.

Blood - Leukocytes under the influence of high glucose levels cease to function properly. Result:

•    Significant reduction in immunity;

•    Susceptibility to various infections.
Kidney - Due to the toxic effects of glucose kidney vessels become brittle or lose their elasticity, compacted. As a result:

•    Develop chronic renal failure;

•    Hypertension appears.
Usually, these are the consequences of type 2 diabetes.
Eyes - Glucose and suffer from retinal vessels. Causes such diseases as:

•    Retinopathy and retinal detachment;

•    Cataracts;

•    Decrease in visual acuity.
Circulatory system - It has been said that high blood sugar leads to narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels, reduce their size.
Author of Reverse Your Diabetes Matt Traverso
Blood flow to various organs, and with it oxygen and nutrients, is violated. Possible complications associated with the failure of the heart, brain (heart attacks, strokes, etc.).

Are you suffering from diabetes?

Suffering from diabetes have to be attentive to her, should see your doctor regularly, to make timely blood and urine tests for sugar, strictly follow a diet regime that does not change the dose of medicines recommended by your doctor.
If you need to take any medicine for diseases such as flu, sore throat, it is necessary to inform the famous physician-endocrinologist.
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Good sleep three nights a week reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes - It is known that lack of sleep increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Making up for the missing throughout the workweek hours of sleep on the weekends, you can protect yourself from illness.

Peter Liu of Harbor Medical Center and his colleagues studied the lifestyle of the people who did not fill up the allotted time during the work week.

It turned out that you can improve insulin sensitivity and stabilizes blood sugar levels in just three nights full of sleep over the weekend. Scientists believe that the risk of developing type 2 diabetes is associated with the secretion of melatonin at bedtime.

To conduct the study, researchers collected 19 men without diabetes; the average age of participants was 29 years. They reported that during the week sleeping an average of 6.2 hours and live in this mode for more than five years, men regularly to catch up sleep on weekends, relaxing each of these nights at more than 2.3 hours (37.4%).